Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Club le Chat Noir ..... to night! 12pmslt

Now it's time to start our Club for real, with scheduled Wednesday nights and Sunday nights.

Andreas has worked hard to get the elevator from the lobby up to the balcony for you to come directly to the stairs leading down to the dance floor.

DJ: Rultan haves also loaded the danceball with a Gagnam style song, that fits perfectly to the dance I found after a long search..

(there is a teleport in my profil under pics "parken" just click for Tp)

Take also a look in the vestibule where the hanging photos on our pole dancers can always be intressted to view, who will dance ... perhaps you have a favorite among them all?

Uppcoming programs:
March  3: Ladies Night poledancing/men,Contest:Best in red, DJ: rultan
March 10: Formal dance. Hosts:Ewa & Andreas/ Martini in morning/radio
March  7 : St. Patrick's Day, Contest:Best in green or Irish, DJ R:rultan
March 27: Formal Dance, Live Singer
March 31: Poledancing/ girls, DJ: Alfdeejay.
See You!

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