Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wednesday Party Club Le Chat Noir ......

Now, dear friends, we start kicking Club le Chat Noir .... at long last......yeaaa!

It has taken time to review everything, find pole-dancers, building elevator and vestibule.

We have download dancing ball with all the lovely new dances .. Now dont doubtful to reserve Wednesdays every fortnight from Februari 27 and Sundays from March 3 even this fortnight!


Ondsdag February 27 we start an evening with DJ Rultan Zeplin who plays for us her own composed music list ..... to suit for this evening.
Come as you are or put on a formal dress ......

Tonight's Contest Board notes: BEST IN RED!


The following are Wednesday and Sunday events ........ order to secure your upper time ....we will be happy to see you all at Club Le Chat Noir.
Sunday, March 3 12pmslt LADIES NIGHT.......male pole dancing.
(these evenings are reserved just for us ladies no men admitted)

First up is a dancer Ashok, Michael and Jonny during supervised by Andreas.
DJ for this nights are DJ Rultan.

Next event will be 13 mars 12pmslt.
Formal Martini in the morning(radio).
Hostess this night are: Andreas & dress upp.
Contestboard: BEST IN FORMAL
S:T PATRICS DAY......    
Sunday Mars 17th time 12pmslt (21.00
DJ Rultan will mix Irish music with danceable other music.
 Contestboard: Best in Irish or green!
Cheers agus an-fáilte a chur roimh!        

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