Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sneak-opening yesterday was good ............


Despite the small crowd of people who attended us last night, I have to say that the evening was fun .. and thanks to you who came.

Michael & Adele

Adelisa was the winner of Contest: Best in red...congrate to you!

rultan, Kicki Alfen and Jonny dancing Gagnam style

Andreas and myself

Cause I know that continuity bears fruit eventually, and it's been a bit up and down for a while at the Chat Noir.

But I think this consept is and will be good, so give us a few months to file for live performances, small refreshing shower and some other odds and ends.

As I pressing it out during the evening ....... why is always AFTER PARTY most enjoyable?

Sadly I did not learned how record Windows Media Player, if I would have filmed Chat Noir own "Harlem shake" it was amazing, both dance and music ...... incredible.


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