Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I am a Berliner...........said Kennedy

(I am a citizen of Berlin.....was the right sentens)

 So where we but in 1920 Berlin, a fantastic place to visiting, you have to remember to use right dresscode, 1920`outfite.

Under den Linden next to Brandenburger Tor

Relaxing after a long walk

We checked in at Aldon Hotel, an exellent hotel in high class, we booked a room whit a view.
If you leaned out you could se the bloúlevard.

We get down to the lounges, there was table for dinner and a sign for dancing........and we did. Charlstone, Jittebug, slowfox and ofcouse some slow dance.........

After a while a note tumbled down on my screen, telling me I am not properly dress for Berlin 1920, my dress was far to short..

opsss.......(Andreas didn`t think soo).

We had a fun evening and tested...  all Bars `s cocktail. yielded results.
So we left Berlin 1920 and a last kiss under monument Brandenburger Tor.

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