Friday, 12 October 2012

Yakin Festival October 12 to 14


19:30 Inauguration at Gitt`s place
19:30 Wildstar Writer on the same stage
20:30 Rola Hykova on stage next to the Bounce Bar
22:00 DJ Apollo on the Bounce Bar


10:00 Melodikrysset (only in Swedish)  at the campsite. Make sure to have an X and an analogue radio handy. It is of course good to just come and hang out lissen to good music and lots of laughter.

11:00 Festival Radio. Rattle and music with Iendi and guests.
13:00 Aake are in place on the Yadkin Exhibition to view the current exhibition. Eventually, one of the artists to be in place.
17:00 Festival radio transmits Aakes fairy tale The Princess and the Frog. Expect that there will be discussion after the program. The Lord will also be sent after the events on Friday and Saturday so we will sleep good after in our tents.
19:00 DJ Betty at Grodan
21:00 DJ Ikaros at Grodan
22:00 AM Quar  ( Canadian  blues singer) at Gitt`s place.
23:00 DJ Kicki play and dance on her bridge.


12:00 Bright Oh on stage at the Frog
13:00 Radio progran in swedish by Iendi called "discs to coffee"at the camping.
15:00 Festival radio broadcast replay of interviews with Rola and Bara Jonson
19:00 Only & Free on Gitt`stages.
20:00 Torben Asp on stage at the Frog
21:00 DJ Rultan the Svampen Place

23:00 Urban Harvy on stage at the Frog
24.00  's post at the camping!

Welcome to Fetsival!
Iendi & Gitt
organizer of a festival
Se you there hugs!

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