Monday, 15 October 2012

What a surprise ... I was soooo courted

Some times you get  really spoiled......Sunday 14th Oktober was that kind of day.........

Andreas asked me to come to Alba Mountain for a surprise. My heart was baked out of curiosity, I knew something big was going on, but not what.

Lobster my favorit restaurang in SL
We ate a wonderful dinner, and clearly a Maine lobster main course with today's vegetables and for
dessert, raspberry sorbet.

After the dessert handed Andeas a box to me and some other gift....I was overwhelmed.

He told me to tp home and open at home for rezzing subjects. And so I did.

There it was a engagment ring made ​​by Andreas himself and this lovely flower stuck into a poem, sheet.
What more can a women ask for!

After supper we went to the next surprise .. JAPANESE SPA ...... mmm never been at one! Did not know you wash and bath in same local whit all people in Japan .. naked! yeaaa ...... giggle!

I have lot to learn!

you wash your feet first..

and the evening ended as it should be ..... dancing in a beutiful dress, wonderful gentleman and we fell asleep under a duvet.

Thank you Andreas! Kisses! We became engaged 14 oktober!
(five time is no time)



  1. Congratulations to you Ewa.
    Must been a fantastic evening.
    Some standard Andreas sets for proposing.

    1. Tack Holy!
      Du är alltid på tå....ja det gjorde han säkert........kraam.



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