Saturday, 6 October 2012

Second Life, an odd world ..

My mind goes back to a conversation in SL with "Mr. Kinaman" about the experience in Second Life.

How different the time make their way to compared to Real Life, and how a cyber life can make us fatal to behave unstructured, and must admit that is exactly what I have done this last weeks.

The Gud Thor has struck me in the head with his hammer to get my attention, but I was to stubborn to understand the information, just because I'm so locked in the Real Life conventions that I do not see what I actually should see.

I am sorry for this, I have to changes my behaviour. I let someone down becouse of this.
I feel the need to make amends, to understand and take advantage of another's person's wonderful trust and give back what has been given me.

No more legerdemain, now I'm ready to see what aspect of time in Second Life have to bring our lives here.

Thanks for your patience!


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Hello dear blog readers. I've been in SL since November 2006 and feel experiences in Sl is absolutely amazing in the encounter with other people and other cultures.
Take care of your self.
Yours sincerely