Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Oh yes, many get conned of our weddings.....

We apologize and will give up to a party for all of you who were invited.

It was a little too much ...... I felt a tremendous pressure, so it was quite entirely my fault.
I hope you can forgive me and look forward to seeing all of you at a party in the future.

Some already know that we got married at a fast cermonie around 10 minutes.

 And after that we went home to our house and danced on our patio.
This felt actually very good, we were happy  and the moment was ours.



soon I hope to see you .... the end of November it will be big party during the influences of Jazz up on the top floor of the clinic building.

Alfen will be the evening's DJ and a little surprise will we offer you.......



  1. I think you had a perfect wedding, the most important thing is the two of YOU!! Your real friends understand that and we're looking forward for an "after-wedding" party :))

    Hugs and congrats Ewa & Andreas!!



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