Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What a fantastic Rezz-day .....

I want to thank all of you for you made MY day to this wonderful memory!

Also want to thank everyone who had a hard time load up on Sunday evening, but sent an internal message,,,,, hug on you for you attention my day!

Kicki, Polle and Sly (from Forbidden club) I think Polle had a hard (!) time to keep up whit this both good looking girl.
Sansparelli and Florence

So happy to se one of my old friend Sans (I remember) back in 2006-7 and his beatiful women, who by the way actually won first prize for the best outfit on race, congrate Florence!

Skorpan (Iendi) and Lizard

 I think Lizard (the white cloud) is very grateful for my desktop dator crash the day before, becouse my lap-top had the ability to dress off clothes for certain people, which was a real pleasure for me this evening,  my old SL veiwer I was on this evning, didnt upload Mesh or some newer outfits .............. tadaaaaaaaaa

DJ rultan & DJ Alfdeejay

 Tonight DJ rultan 100% on your toes, lovely songs she had downloaded, absolutely perfect for the evening Theme Six year (SEX).... and tonight's best entertainer ... thanks rultis!

Slowly our female stripper

and Andreas in Fireman outfit
 the hired male stripper had RL problems so Andrew had to jump in and did a great job ...... thank you darling!

Sweet & Smoke
 Owner of strip club Forbidden ..... and good friends of mine and Andreas .... thank you sweet!

Ellroy & DJ Apollon

Cheliux & Jon
 Cheliux also celebrated her six-year rezzdag. We met on a Sim in the spring 2007där chel rented a house and where I spent a good deal.

Kicki & Bimbim

rultan & Alfen

 The night was long ...... last song was played by rultan at 01:20 cet and I have to end up having to agree with Andrew that clearly rultan shuld won the contest for best sexy outfit!

chel & rultan & blanche

 Thank you all for my day!


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